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Full Day Elopement (Copy)

 But like, what do you take pictures of all day?

Formal wear and details | photos of your rings, flowers, accessories, suits and dresses because you’ve picked these things out thoughtfully and with intention. They are part of your story.

Getting Ready | some of my favorite candid moments come from the getting ready part of the day. This is when you’re hanging out with your friends, getting your hair or makeup done, steaming your clothes, etc.

First looks | you can opt for a first look or not—you can even do one with your dog if you want!

The Ceremony | we photograph the ceremony happenings as well as the set up and decor

Family Formals and wedding party photos | these are the ones that all your relatives will be printing out or sharing on their Facebook wall. And of course, the group shots with your wedding party or your best friends that you invited are a must

Guest Portraits | I always grab as many photos as I can of your guests so you can always look back and see the faces of your loved ones. Plus, your guests will love it too.

Reception | this is always fun to look back on because there are a lot of moments we see that you probably didn’t! Remember when Tommy ripped his pants pulling that insane dance move? No?! Good thing theres a photo of it!

Send off | the perfect way to end your wedding day with some sort of send off or last dance.

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