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How Does it Work


Q: Honestly, we are pretty awkward in photos. Can you help us?

A: Of course! It’s actually what I do best! Even the most self-proclaimed awkward couples leave my sessions amazed by how natural and fun the experience is. By leaning into your personality as a couple and giving you prompts that feel true to you, I’ll help you get over those camera jitters right away!

Q: What happens if an emergency keeps you from photographing our wedding?

A: Don’t worry! I’m ten steps ahead of you. I always have an associate photographer ready to go on a wedding day in case something should happen last minute. They can seamlessly slip into a celebration and deliver an experience for you that meets my high standards. And no matter what, I’ll always be the one editing your images.

Q: What happens if it rains on our wedding, elopement, or session day?

A: If I could pick a superpower, it would absolutely be to control the weather. Until that magically happens, I can only promise to come 110% prepared for absolutely anything! If you’ve booked an elopement or couple’s session, we can give a few backup plans a try. And if you’ve planned a full wedding day, we’ll capture breathtaking photos storm or shine! Ready to dance in the rain? I’m game if you are! 

Q: Do you only offer West Coast wedding and elopement photography? Or will you travel?

A: I jump at any chance to load up my car or hop on a plane! So, you better believe my camera, and I will go anywhere you take us! Just make sure to share your potential location in your inquiry form so that I can share a travel quote with you during our consultation call.

Q: When will we get to see our photos?

A: I’m just as excited to deliver them as you are to see them! So, I’ll begin editing your images right away, which enables me to get you a sneak peek gallery in just seven days! Yep, share those puppies all over social media! And just ten weeks after that, your full gallery will be ready to go.

Q: This all sounds amazing! How do we save our date?

A: My calendar fills quickly, so shoot me an inquiry ASAP! We’ll then schedule a consultation call to talk specifics. And if you feel like we’re a perfect match, a signed contract and paid 25% retainer is all it takes to reserve your date. Then, the fun begins!


“Can I give ten stars? Stacie was incredible to work with. She made everyone feel so comfortable and was a genuine hype girl the whole day! She is such a joy to have around on your big day, and the photos are seriously incredible. She caught all the funny memories and even included my dog in the photos. I could go on and on, but I’ll sum it up and say, Hire her!’”


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