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Meet Your Photographer (Copy)

 Meet Your Wedding Photographer

I’ve been shooting weddings for over 7 years and have shot more than 70 weddings in many different states and countries.

Something that I’ve noticed is that wedding days tend to go by very quickly—and I often hear from couples that the day “was a blur”. My goal as your photographer is to make sure you have moments to slow down, take it in, and enjoy the day that you have worked so hard at creating. That is why I aim to give you all my insider knowledge, tips and tricks, and to connect you with some of the best vendors in the business who will go above and beyond to make sure your wedding day is as chill and relaxed as it could possibly be.

This is another reason why photography is important. Photos allow you to relive your day years later, when the excitement has worn off, but your love is still strong as ever—you can look back and reminisce together on that crazy yet amazing day.

I am so stoked to meet you two and help you create this unforgettable experience made just for you.

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