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Right Hand Gal (Copy)

I’ll be your right hand gal from the moment we first chat to the final parting hug when your perfect day comes to a close

Maybe you love parties or perhaps you just cannot imagine getting married without your friends, families and dogs in attendance. Whatever your reason for choosing to have a wedding—I’m dedicated to making your experience the best if can be.

I’ll start by getting to know who you are as a couple and how you envision your wedding day. From there, I will use my knowledge from my wedding experience to assist you in creating the most amazing, beautiful and fun day that stays true to who you are and gives you moments to really soak everything up.

Your wedding day is so much more than a big party—it’s an experience! And you get to do make this experience in a way that feels true to who you are as a couple.

Invite some alpacas, wear red instead of white, you could even leave your wedding day on horseback if you wanted! Whatever your dream wedding day looks like, I’m here for you.


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